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FashionTheBox High Waist Pants

The shape of the model is envied by every girl, the perfect ratio and the slim figure, but how to build a perfect shape yourself. A piece of high waist pant could help you.

With so huge selections of high waist pants, if your legging is thin and straight enough, a pair of close-fit high waist is the right one for you. Favored casual style, you can have a try the high waist knitted cropped haren pants, the close up hem, sexy calf bared out. Want to be formal, a pair of high waist haren pants fit for you while on work.

On fabric, we have denim high waist panst, cotton high waist pant, ice cotton high waist pants. on styles, the cropped high waist pants, ninth high waist pants, the haren high waist pants, and so on.

While you are browsing the high waist pants section on fashionthebox.com, we will recommend the other style for you. Enjoy what you like shopping on fashionthebox, you will always find one style the right for you.